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Injured Meniscus & Asia In January

Injured Meniscus & Asia In January

December 2, 2022

Here's the podcast for this week!

Hear about my latest injury revelation, which is not as bad as it sounds and there's a fun story to it. I'm also finally able to share how many of the January events in Asia I'll go for.

Furthermore I'll talk a bit about the difference between very good club level players and pros, just as I'll go into how Badminton Denmark is looking at the challenge of another top player leaving the national centre.

Tune in for this and much more - as always I hope you find it interesting!

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Thanks everyone.

No Irish Open & Most Memorable Matches

No Irish Open & Most Memorable Matches

November 16, 2022

This episode offers an update on my calf injury situation, my plan for the rest of the year - including what I'll work on - and a look at the most memorable matches in my career.

For next weeks episode, I'll be happy to answer some more questions or take up a topic you guys find interesting, so if you guys want to have a say on this, please consider signing up at patreon.com/vittinghus to support the podcast and get lots of benefits.

Thanks for listening everyone!

Black Card, My Favourite Racket & Injury Update

Black Card, My Favourite Racket & Injury Update

November 9, 2022

Here's this weeks episode with an update from the past week of training and a Danish league match on Monday. A league match that brought back memories of my only ever black card experience - so tune in to hear what that is all about!

I'm also revealing which is my favourite racket of all time as one of my amazing patrons  asked this question some time ago.

Go to patreon.com/vittinghus if you want to be able to get your questions answered too.

This 15-minute episode also updates you on a minor injury I sustained, so there's enough to talk about!

Thanks for listening!


HYLO Open - 1st Round vs Kunlavut Vitidsarn

HYLO Open - 1st Round vs Kunlavut Vitidsarn

November 2, 2022

Here's an update from my 1st round loss against world no. 10 Kunlavut Vitidsarn yesterday.

I break down the match which was both very good and very frustrating at the same time!

I'll also give up an update on my situation in terms of ranking, access to the big events in the future and what's next for me.

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Mikkel Mikkelsen - It’s Never Too Late (Guest Episode)

Mikkel Mikkelsen - It’s Never Too Late (Guest Episode)

October 26, 2022

After a week with no podcast episode I'm back with the first guest episode in a long time!

It's Danish mixed doubles player and my roommate at French Open Mikkel Mikkelsen.

You might not know Mikkel so well, but his story is quite inspiring as he has been through some crazy stuff before finally being accepted as a national team player at the age of 29!

I'm happy to share a bit of his story with you guys here - even if I actually felt a little rusty doing this kind of episode. I enjoyed it though, so I hope you guys do too.

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Thanks so much for listening everyone!


How To Cope With Injuries & More

How To Cope With Injuries & More

October 12, 2022

Inspired by one of my amazing patrons, today's episode is focused around my experience of how to best cope with injuries.

I've had my share of injuries and very unfortunate times throughout my career, so there is enough to talk about!

If you also want to be able to ask questions for the podcast, please sign up at www.patreon.com/vittinghus to support my work and help my badminton career.

I also answer a question about how to stay calm on court when your plan is not working out and a question about if I'm ever up for coaching just days or weeks abroad.

Of course I also give an update on the league match from the weekend and a short weekly training update, so this epsiode is packed with information :-)

Hope you enjoy it!

Giveaway, Job News & More!

Giveaway, Job News & More!

October 6, 2022

Today's episode offers an update on my knee/hamstring issue which I talked about last week. I go a little bit into how I'm trying to balance training, rest and accepting some pain.

I'm also breaking some news on a new job I've started in already. But don't worry guys, I'm still a professional badminton player! :-)

I've just found a good little side kick to add a bit of extra income and perhaps pave a way into a future bigger role with the company.

Only 10 mins today - been a bit busy these days, which is also why the pod is a day late, but I've already got a good idea about next weeks episode (thanks to one of my amazing patrons), so next week will be a bit longer again and take in a few questions from my patrons.

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How Hard Did 15-year Old Vittinghus Work?

How Hard Did 15-year Old Vittinghus Work?

September 28, 2022

Today's weekly update offers a look at the Danish League match I played on Saturday and how a small knee-issue I picked up there has affected the last few days of training.

I also answer two patron questions:

- How hard I worked as a 15-year old

- How I keep track of my training/rest balance

I hope you enjoy the episode - and please feel free to send in more questions or ideas for these weekly update episode.

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Thank you for listening everyone!

Weekly Update, Video Analysis & More…

Weekly Update, Video Analysis & More…

September 21, 2022

Here's this weeks podcast which offers a weekly update from training, a look ahead to my second league match of the season and a couple of patron-questions.

I'll answer questions about how much video analysis is being used by me (and other pros) in the game, what my one rep max is in squat (and talk a bit more about my weights programme) and what I think of livedraws being done by hand as a possible event for BWF to look into.

In this episode I also mention a company called Clutch who uses AI to do video analysis. This is not sponsored or anything, but I still urge you to go check them out on instagram. Their handle is @theclutchapp. Very interesting company with great potential to grow in my opinion.

Enjoy the podcast and please go check out how to support my work and career at patreon.com/vittinghus.

How To Improve Your Speed & Danish League News

How To Improve Your Speed & Danish League News

September 14, 2022

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There's no binding whatsoever and it's completely up to you how much or how little you want to support with.

This particular episode (which was released a day early for all patrons) offers my answer to a patron question about how advanced players can improve their speed on court.

I'm also talking about why I'm often quite outspoken and how my suggestions are being welcomed both by BWF and the Danish federation.

Finally (or actually at the start of the episode) I'm sharing an update on my first league match for my new club Hvidovre, which was played on Saturday.


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