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Special Guest Episode - Anders Antonsen

Special Guest Episode - Anders Antonsen

November 23, 2020

What an episode!

Anders Antonsen gives a very honest and unique look into his mindset, which will leave you with no doubt why he is currently one of the very best badminton players on the planet!

When asked about his self confidence, Anders counters with a smirky "Why wouldn't I be confident? I've always been very good at badminton!" - which already tells you a lot about an athlete with a mind perfectly set up for world class performance.

The bigger the occasion Anders seem to grow stronger and stronger, but in no way does Anders think he knows it all, he's just confident in finding the right solutions with the team around him and in this podcast you get the full explanation behind why that is.

We also discuss the importance of having a training set up like he does at the Danish National training centre and how the constant sparring and pressure has animated him to do better.

Finally we talk YouTube as we all miss his vlog's - just as there's time for a couple of mixed listener questions at the end!

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Special Guest Episode - Michelle Li

Special Guest Episode - Michelle Li

November 16, 2020

This episode gives you the Queen of badminton in the Pan Am region, Michelle Li!

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada and traveled all over the world to train and compete, Michelle has encountered different (badminton) cultures at a higher rate than most.

In this episode she reflects on the pros and cons and she shares what kind of training regime she has come to find suits her better.

We also talk about some of her biggest achievements like the Commonwealth Games gold medal and her two Macau Open wins.

Furthermore we dig into the reasons behind her latest project - the launch of her very own brand! 

Finally you'll get to know what Michelle has got to do with racketlon and why she's always flicking her wrist behind her back before she serves (yes she really does - look it up on YouTube...)!

Check out Michelle's new website and brand launch on www.michellelibadminton.com.

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Special Guest Episode - Jenny Moore & Greg Mairs, Badminton Insight

Special Guest Episode - Jenny Moore & Greg Mairs, Badminton Insight

November 6, 2020

This episode is with English badminton and YouTube pro's Jenny and Greg who run a very succesful 100% badminton related YouTube channel (Badminton Insight) whilst also taking care of their own international badminton careers!

We get a good talk about their motivation behind the YouTube channel, their ideas for it moving forward, but also how it's been possible for them to do this whilst also juggling studies, work and trying to become the best possible badminton player!

The episode also reveals the winner(s) of the competition for one of my rackets from FZ Forza and "A Year On Tour With Vittinghus" face masks!

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SaarLorLux Open - Not Quite What I Was Hoping For!

SaarLorLux Open - Not Quite What I Was Hoping For!

October 29, 2020

This episode deals with my disappointing first round match against Toma Jr. Popov at the SaarLorLux Open.

Get to know why I'm actually happy with how I handled myself on court, but also why I ended up losing anyway.

Also looking a bit ahead to what's next for me, now that international badminton is done for 2020!

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Gearing up for SaarLorLux Open & Toma Jr. Popov!

Gearing up for SaarLorLux Open & Toma Jr. Popov!

October 27, 2020

Today's episode is a 10-minute quickie that gives you some insights into my expectations for the SaarLorLux Open, a Super 100 event that's on this week.

My first opponent will be Toma Jr. Popov, so I'm looking ahead to that match and you'll also hear a bit more about my preparations for both the match and the event in general.

Furthermore you'll find out how you can win one of my FZ Forza rackets and some unique "A Year On Tour With Vittinghus" face masks!

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Badminton Is Back - Denmark Open Recap!

Badminton Is Back - Denmark Open Recap!

October 19, 2020

International badminton is finally back!

The episode today is a 15 minute recap of my matches at the Denmark Open in Odense last week!

No guests, but lots of insights into my feelings going into the tournament, my thoughts on court and some tactical considerations.

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Special Guest Episode - Fernando Rivas

Special Guest Episode - Fernando Rivas

October 7, 2020

If you have any interest in what it takes to produce world class in badminton (or any individual sport for that matter) - this is the episode for you!

Fernando Rivas, who is the coach behind the success of Carolina Marin, shares a wealth of knowledge on his coaching philosophy, how he and his team works with Marin and what is needed to create an environment where world class can thrive.

Fernandos story is quite unique and after listening to this episode you won't have any doubt why he's regarded as one of the best coaches around.

If you're only going to listen to one of my episodes - let it be this one!

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Special Guest Episode - Christo Popov

Special Guest Episode - Christo Popov

October 1, 2020

In this episode you'll get to know rising French star Christo Popov a lot better!

Christo is the no. 1 men's singles junior in the world rankings and is already making his mark on the senior circuit as well.

We talk about his background coming from a badminton "crazy" family and how he sees it as a big advantage.

Christo also shares his thoughts about last years World Junior Championships where he came away with a historic silver medal. We go through the matches, his preparation and look at the possibility of upgrading to a gold medal next time!

Furthermore he offers great insight as to how he makes his current training setup outside of the national centre in France work for him and how he sees himself break the barrier between being a succesful junior to becoming the same on the senior level.

Finally he answers a few listeners questions about which retired player he would have liked to play against, who his toughest opponent is on the junior scene and which skill he would like to "steal" from a current top player!

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Special Guest Episode - Nathan Robertson

Special Guest Episode - Nathan Robertson

September 18, 2020

One of Englands biggest badminton personalities ever joins the podcast in an episode where you'll finally get the answer on whether winning Olympic silver or winning the World Championship gold is better!

Nathan also talks about his love/hate relationship with the All England, just as he's brutally honest on his own mentality as a player and how he's trying to pass on his knowledge to the current generation of English players.

Add in a couple of good stories as well and you're in for an entertaining 55-minutes.

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The Shingles (NOT a typo) Episode & Competition Time!

The Shingles (NOT a typo) Episode & Competition Time!

September 8, 2020

In this episode you get to hear about the "adult version" of chickenpox and how it has turned what was supposed to be a fun few weeks with competitive badminton into an outright disaster.

As we've also crossed the magic number of 15 patrons - THANK YOU SO MUCH - this episode also serves up a good chance to win a couple of Vittinghus' signed playing shirts from FZ Forza.

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