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Orleans Masters 3rd Round vs Manjunath

Orleans Masters 3rd Round vs Manjunath

March 31, 2022

Thoughts about what went wrong in my 3rd round match against Mithun Manjunath at Orleans Masters!


First Match Orleans Masters vs M. Weisskirchen

First Match Orleans Masters vs M. Weisskirchen

March 30, 2022

As promised a recap and some insights to my first match (second round) here at Orleans Masters where I was up against Max Weisskirchen from Germany.

Hope you enjoy it and look forward to the next one after my third round match tomorrow.

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Orleans Masters Update!

Orleans Masters Update!

March 28, 2022

As promised here's an update on whether or not I decided to go play the Orleans Masters!

In the end of the episode I'm also promising a lot of activity on the pod for the coming week, so go check that out!

It's just 10 minutes, so there's no excuse for not listening...

Playing Momota & Ankle Injury Update

Playing Momota & Ankle Injury Update

March 22, 2022

Thanks for the amazing support on patreon.com/vittinghus!

You can support with any amount you see fit and the best part is, there is no binding at all. You can stop your payments whenever you want to.

I'm back today with a full run-down of my first round encounter against Kento Momota at All England last week!

I'll share both some tactical insights and of course what happened to my ankel that forced me to retire from the match.

You'll also get an update on the status of my ankle injury as I've been through a couple of tests the last couple of days.

Finally I'll answer four listener questions:

- Why pro players often fly home as soon as possible after losses instead of staying to watch matches

- What I think of Lakshya Sen

- My opinion on unfreezing the world ranking

- My goal for the upcoming European Championships

Thanks for the support everyone - hope you enjoy this one!

Danish League & COVID-19 Trouble!

Danish League & COVID-19 Trouble!

February 25, 2022

Back with a short update on the final two Danish League matches played earlier this week.

Also some bad news regarding COVID-19, which can turn out to be not so bad after all...

Danish National Championships & Make Badminton Great Again!

Danish National Championships & Make Badminton Great Again!

February 17, 2022

An episode focused on my three matches at the Danish National Championships last week where I got away with my fifth silver medal!

Also time for a couple of questions on the popularity of the sport in Denmark and my recovery routine at tournaments.

Make Badminton Great Again refers to something about the popularity of the sport here, so tune in, if you want to know more about that...

Thank you for listening!

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2022 Goals & Why I’m learning Bahasa Indonesia!

2022 Goals & Why I’m learning Bahasa Indonesia!

January 29, 2022
I'm finally back with the podcast!
A short recap of my 2021 followed by an update on my current status (02:00), what I'm training towards and what my 2022 goals are (04:10).
I'll also answer the following 5 listener questions:
1) Why I'm learning to speak Indonesian (11:10)
2) What my plan is to follow up on my wishlist published on social media for BWF (13:50)
3) What kind of training sessions I do to feel confident going into a tournament (16:35)
4) How many match practice sets I play a week (18:05)
5) If I believe a boycott from the top players to force changes through is even realistic (19:25)
And at the very end I'll reveal a winner of one of my game shirts! (23:05)
Happy to be back and I do hope you guys enjoy it.
Thanks so much for the continued support - I'm now be back to delivering these podcasts on a regular basis!
Patron Q&A & Latest News

Patron Q&A & Latest News

September 6, 2021

This episode offers you an update on my latest Danish League matches, what's been going on for me since the latest pod and answers for a lot of patron-questions!

You can see the full list of questions answered in the timestamps below:

01:00 Update on three league matches and what's next

09:55 Start of Q&A - How do I keep myself motivated to keep training consistently in between events when there are big breaks

11:35 Explaining why I use compression clothes when I play

13:15 How much do I squat in the gym in terms of both sets, reps and kilos

14:40 What is my body composition (fat/muscle) & what is ideal for badminton players

16:35 Advice for how a 34-year old can still improve his badminton game

18:25 Explaining my focus points in training right now

19:40 Wrapping it up

Thanks for listening!

Tokyo 2020 Highlights & What’s Next

Tokyo 2020 Highlights & What’s Next

August 19, 2021

The podcast is finally back!

Got my laptop fixed and found some time so I'm finally able to provide you guys with an update from me.

This episode is fully focused on my Olympic experience, giving you a few of my highlights of the event where I watched more badminton than I ever have before!

I also go into what's next for me, what I'm looking ahead to, how I see men's singles develop in the next 12 months and why my early loss at the Danish nationals doesn't bother me at all.

Glad to be back and I really hope you guys enjoy it too!

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Toby Penty - Dealing With Alopecia & Getting Past That Final Hurdle

Toby Penty - Dealing With Alopecia & Getting Past That Final Hurdle

July 8, 2021

I love this episode a lot as I really find Toby's story so inspiring. Having to deal with a full loss of all his hair on his entire body with all the mental issues it brings along with it and trying to be the best version of yourself on court certainly haven't been easy for him.

But he says himself he's now at a better place than he even was before being diagnosed with alopecia - get the full reason why in this episode.

Lots of other interesting topics as well, like why he's training most of the time at his own club, Wimbledon, instead of the national centre in Milton Keynes. 

We also go into the story behind his rather odd finals statistics at internatonal level where he started off 0 for 6, but then reeled off 5 straight wins!

All this and much more in this 1-hour episode. I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed chatting to Toby.

Thanks for listening and please consider showing this podcast a little love by supporting on patreon.com/vittinghus if you enjoy what you hear!

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