A Year On Tour With Vittinghus - A Badminton Podcast

Special Guest Episode - Anders Antonsen

November 23, 2020

What an episode!

Anders Antonsen gives a very honest and unique look into his mindset, which will leave you with no doubt why he is currently one of the very best badminton players on the planet!

When asked about his self confidence, Anders counters with a smirky "Why wouldn't I be confident? I've always been very good at badminton!" - which already tells you a lot about an athlete with a mind perfectly set up for world class performance.

The bigger the occasion Anders seem to grow stronger and stronger, but in no way does Anders think he knows it all, he's just confident in finding the right solutions with the team around him and in this podcast you get the full explanation behind why that is.

We also discuss the importance of having a training set up like he does at the Danish National training centre and how the constant sparring and pressure has animated him to do better.

Finally we talk YouTube as we all miss his vlog's - just as there's time for a couple of mixed listener questions at the end!

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