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Special Guest Episode - Steen Schleicher Pedersen

May 8, 2020

Today former head coach of the Danish national team and current World Tour commentator, Steen Schleicher Pedersen joins the podcast.

In this episode we look back at his coaching career which is well known for his great results, but also some of the tough and controversial choices he's had to make along the way. Steen also reveals if he's still dreaming of coaching at the highest level again.

We also take a look at the current situation on the competitiveness of international women's singles. Steen shares a lot of brilliant insight and takes as to why women's singles is more competitive than ever. 

The third part of the interview with Steen opens a discussion on some of the (many) major rule changes badminton has gone through over the years. We also get to know what Steen believes we can learn from American sports.

Finally Steen willingly gives some great answers to a few listener questions, like what his most memorable commentating experience is and which non-Danish player he would have loved to work with as a coach.

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Thanks for listening, sharing, rating and supporting this podcast!

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